Agilisoft helps you create and implement digital products that are not only useful and usable, but also so desirable that people can’t live without them.

Because regardless of whether it’s a website, software application or any other “soft product” compelling experiences create compelling returns.

The same holds true for intranets and internal applications. We help you develop ones that are efficient and easy-to-use. Ones so effective your employees won’t want to work without them.

Because your needs are foremost, Agilisoft uses a range of proven approaches and techniques in a way that’s best suited to the problem at hand, type of product, time and budget.

Whether it’s a website, intranet, software … we put the best of user-centered design and software development practices to work for you.

We offer


User experience Design


User experience Evaluation


Usability Testing

  • Design of product or prototype user interfaces
  • Audit/review of product or prototype user interfaces
  • Website review and design
  • Evaluation and critique of design specifications or product documentation
  • Usability testing; preparation of usability test plans
    Focus groups
  • Analysis of customer’s actual use of product; collection of customer
    usability problems
  • Customer task analysis
  • Training: classes and workshops on user interface design and evaluation